About K4H



K4H is a 3 hour team event of 35 teams (max) made up of 3 – 6 drivers, that is supported by like minded people all wanting to make a difference by supporting what we do for Help for Heroes.

Within the teams are people of all ages (16+) from all walks of life and driving abilities including some of our Distinguished Service men and women even a double amputee who showed us what he was made of by posting one of the fastest practice laps.

Drivers must be 16+ years old with everyone welcome regardless of their driving ability.

With 1200mtrs of track to race on, it sounds like there will be quite a lot of space but with 35 karts racing it soon fills up. The weather – A guaranteed unknown with almost every season being experienced at previous events! If its dry – Fun, chaos, bribery, more fun and 3 hours of adrenalin pumping competition, if it’s wet then add a bit more chaos. We can’t guarantee the weather with 2014 being very wet whilst 2010 was 26C, but we can guarantee we will be racing on slick tyres regardless!

After the race are the trophy presentations and K4H Auction along with ample opportunities to come up with your best excuse for not winning ………. unless of course you did in which case you have two options a) be humble or b) mock your mates who didn’t win – this is the most favoured option!



Karting for Heroes’ success is down to the generosity of numerous individuals and companies alike who have supported the event since the start in 2010.

Support for the event comes in many ways starting with the circuit and staff that has been the home of K4H since the start in 2010. Buckmore Park has been an outstanding venue run by a great team helping to make our events such a success and importantly keeping the teams going during the race and keeping them safe. Then there are the teams that make the day an exciting and often an extremely competitive race with numerous battles between the drivers throughout the race with a portion of their entry fee (after costs) going to the final total.

Prior to the race the team’s generosity continues with “Bid for Pole” which gives every team the opportunity to buy their way to the front of the grid with the highest donation getting pole position. Totally optional but has proven to help boost the amount we raise significantly with 20% of the money raised in 2014 coming from Bid for Pole.

Following the race anyone can grab a bargain and influence the final total at the K4H Auction which has benefitted over the years with a wide variety of items coming from many different sources.

Further donations are received prior to the event or during the day from companies and individuals with donations even coming in from teams who cannot make the event. All of these are very much appreciated. But in order to get to our final goal we have many people assisting with donations of their own time and skills such as all of our followers on social media, the bloggers, the Montrose film crew, Lou Johnson our official photographer and our own staff here at Hydraquip who help promote the event.



There are a number of ways in which we raise money and include but not limited to,

Entering a team – the balance from the entry fee goes towards the final total after costs are taken out.

Bid for Pole – get anyone you know involved and raise extra cash with the highest amount getting pole position. 100% of which adds to the final figure.

K4H Auction – Buy an item from the auction. Again 100% of all donated items goes to the final figure.

Turn up on the day to support us and leave your loose change in a bucket. ………. or notes if you want to.



Every year we are looking for new ways that will grow the event, widen it’s appeal and ultimately raise more money for H4H.

If you or any of your friends/contacts are able in anyway able to assist with this objective please get in touch to help make K4H a sell out event every year. [email protected]

We would also like to raise the event profile by involving Pro drivers, celebs, pop stars etc who are all welcome as long as they don’t mind being jostled on the track like the rest of us.


Help for Heroeshelpforheros

The message of the charity is simple: “We are strictly non political and non critical; we simply want to help. We believe that anyone who volunteers to serve in time of war, knowing that they may risk all, is a hero. These are ordinary people doing extraordinary things and some of them are living with the consequences of their service for life. We may not be able to prevent our soldiers from being wounded, but together we can help them get better.”


Who funds K4H?

Karting for Heroes, the event and website are organised and operated by HYDRAQUIP. The event is held by a holding deposit paid by HYDRAQUIP who pay the total due based on the number of teams entered. The balance from all the money raised is then paid over to Help for Heroes. The event is significantly helped by the kind generosity of individuals and companies who offer items or services in support of K4H and in turn H4H.

HYDRAQUIP do not charge for any administration or organisation of the event.

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