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2019 K4H lOGO

Hi All,

As this year’s event rapidly approaches (11th May) I thought it would be an ideal time to ask for your support (as always). Since we are celebrating our 10th anniversary race this year it would be great to get as many of our previous teams back on the grid again. Over the years you have all helped make a difference to people’s lives with the generous support you have given on and off track.

Karting for Heros 2015-5

When I first started running K4H it seemed that our only goal was to raise money for Help for Heroes but as the years have passed it has become obvious that whilst £s do make a big difference the running and participation in events like K4H (and others) has as much if not more of a part to play. Many of you will have been to previous events and will remember the pre and post-race talks that we have had from past and present serving guys who have openly shared their experiences and battles since they left the military and the fact that their words silenced a room of excited drivers as most of us became partly aware of what they had been through and going through. Emotions from the drivers ranged from shock to surprise at what they had just heard and learnt but most of all I think it is fair to say that the vast majority of the drivers felt warm inside at the fact they were giving up a small segment of time to do something that will help make a difference

Karting for Heros 2015-15

I appreciate that not everyone will be able to make it on the 11th but if you can’t can I ask if you can share the event information with anyone else who may be able to support us this year as I would love to be able to say “K4H ’10 is Fully Booked”.
As always if you have any offers of donations for the auction or offers of help please get in touch with me.


Feb Update 2019 Feb Flyer

And if you have a bit of wall space in work, here is the A4 K4H ’10 POSTER K4H 10 Flyer




K4H Organiser

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Karting for Heros 2015-4

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