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News Update

Hi All,
First of all thank you for all the positive feedback and complimentary comments for K4H ’18 despite the short race, they are very much appreciated.


K4H ’18 – The Bad News
Those of you who were at K4H ’18 (12th May 2018) will know what happened but for those of you weren’t here is a brief recap.
K4H 18 002

The weather forecast all week had been going from damp to wet to heavy rain and back again – but there was always hope that it was going to be a Michael Fish moment and the sun would be out as per the previous weekend. Sadly that was not the case and constant drizzle turned in to heavy rain with rivers and mini lakes forming on the circuit as the evening progressed. Fortunately (?) before Noah and his Ark needed calling in, a technical issue halted the race with the timing loop at the start finish line popping out due to the force of the water. The race was subsequently halted as the Buckmore crew tried to repair the damage. As the drivers sat in their karts, feet got damper, gloves doubled their weight and racing suits put on many kg’s with the rain – 6kg according to one driver who did actually weigh his suit.

After a short and probably not so restful rest and repair of the loop the drivers were guided off again by a course kart then they were let loose on the Buckmore tidal plains. However nature being all conquering put a stop to the fun and popped the loop out again. It was decided by the Race Director that this was going to be a losing battle and called a halt to the proceedings.

Despite this bad news the teams were very understanding, which is appreciated, and headed up to the briefing room for a post half race debrief and explanation of the issues facing the Buckmore team. Race Director Clinton told those who had stayed behind the dilemma he faced and all agreed that it was the right decision.

Although only half a race was run and most of it in wet or very wet there seemed a very high number of teams that appreciated and enjoyed the conditions and had no problems with looking like a ship full of drowned rats. A strange breed are karters!

 K4H 18 003


K4H ’18 The Good News


K4H’18(Part 2) – the Return

Thanks to the management at Buckmore’s understanding of the situation they have kindly agreed to let us re run the race in full again with the teams from the 12th May not having to pay another entry free.
So the good news – “K4H’18(Part 2) – the Return” is booked for Saturday 21st July 2018

Orders have already been placed for sun, a very large tarpaulin and some glue for July, so we should be covered one way or another. We have also order a very very large fan from eBay to try to blow away any cloud cover.
Times and format will be exactly the same as normal as shown on the K4H website with the auction taking place after the 3 hour race.
The fact we are running again means there are new opportunities for teams to add more teams to their entourage and for those that couldn’t make the 12 May running for them to get back on the grid. It also gives everyone the opportunity to pass on the event information to anyone else they think may be interested.

There will be one difference on the 21st and that is anyone who got to one with their kart will have to start again as Buckmore should have taken delivery of their new karts.


So in summary;
18 teams from Part 1 are automatically entered for “K4H’18(Part 2) – the Return” on Saturday 21st July 2018, leaving spaces available to add more teams for “K4H the Return”
This is a second chance to have a full grid of teams.
17 more spaces are available
Additional auction items can still be donated
Bid for Pole is open to all teams and an opportunity for the “18″ to improve on their Saturdays start positions

Thanks for everyone’s understanding after the anti-climax which was K4H ’18(Part 1) and to the team at Buckmore who tried to keep it flowing (… probably the wrong word choice) and looking forward to an amazing Part 2.
As always please get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions


Footnotes from K4H ’18 Part 1

Sometimes the weather forecast can be accurate

Never try to justify an ailment to a guy from Mission Motorsport without expecting a response! I tried. I failed.

Expect the unexpected

Dressing in plastic is sometimes acceptable

Lap times and positions from Part 1 will not count in Part 2 no matter how much it helps …. but for a decent donation……….

Karters do it in the dry, the wet, in just about anything given the chance.


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