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2019 K4H lOGO

Hi All,

Welcome to the March Update.

MARCH DATES for your diary

1st St Davids Day

5th Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) when it is okay to be a tos… pancake maker

   11th 2 MONTHS UNTIL K4H ’10

13th 232nd Anniversary of the Discovery of Uranus

17th St Patricks Day or National Drink Guinness day. Other dark drinks with a creamy top are available.

29th BREXIT or NOT

Karting for Heros 2015-73

As you are no doubt aware March will be …. or more likely …. could be a big month for the UK with a probably or possible decision or delay on Brexit and all that goes with it. Since there is so much worry and concern over what could happen I thought it prudent to check with Buckmore Park to see if it could have a knock on effect with this year’s event, An unofficial spokesperson for the circuit told me off the record and from an anonymous phone number that they only issue would be if channel crossing delays happened then there was a good chance that they would use the bottom car park and circuit for lorries if the price was right as the potential income could be very attractive! An official spokesmen for the park said the person spreading these rumours would be sought out and dealt with in an appropriate manner …. unless they did have the correct contacts in which case they may have to have a think about it! :-)

A bit like Brexit the old question of “Is it worth it?” is often asked of event organisers and contributors. I suppose one way of explaining how events like K4H and so many others for many worthy causes make a difference is based on a recent personal experience. If you have ever attended a marathon or any running challenge and cheered on someone you do not know who appeared to be low or struggling then you will have seen the change in expression and body language that just a small moment of your time and effort can help someone continue on their way to achieve their own goal. So in my mind YES it is worth it.

This month I wanted to take the time to say thank you to a specific group of people who have been key to the success of the event and by their presence and openness they have helped many others to (partly) understand how events like K4H make a difference.

Please take a few minutes to have a read of this months update here 2019 Mar Flyer

Karting for Heros 2015-23

As always if you have any questions or suggestions please get in touch.

Karting for Heros 2015-28



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